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About us

I, Sammie, started FITT because I get very enthusiastic about a happy lifestyle. Inspiring and healthy food and definitely sports are part of it. I also have a passion for fashion and 13 years of experience in the clothing industry with knowledge of fabrics and production. Throw this together in a blender, with a dash of drive and you have... your own sports brand, HOW cool is that!
We at FITT strive to contribute to your self-confidence. In this world of perfect pictures on social media, it is quite difficult not to compare yourself to yourself while exercising. So how nice is it to wear an outfit that makes you feel good? Because self-confidence is not only in the clothes, it's also in you! Put on that colourful top, zebra shorts or scrunch leggings and show yourself off! Because YOU can be seen!
Our extensive collection has therefore been carefully selected and developed with this in mind. Quality, comfortable and fashionable sportswear at a good price. Personally, I love trendy items that stand out and are colourful. Or I mix and match them with a nice pair of black leggings. Most importantly, wear what YOU want to wear. So do I! Just show off your natural shapes with e.g. contour or curve leggings or wear that sports bra you've always wanted to put on! You owe it to yourself!

You can be there, feel confident. Put on what YOU want, you are beautiful. Don't hide yourself (anymore).
Time to shine✨

Join the FITT community and follow @fittwear_sam and @fittwear_official and share your enthusiasm! How do you become part of the awesome FITT Wear community? By simply sharing your own photo with #fittwearcommunity and @fittwear_sam and @fittwear_official. Together, let's make more women confident. Get that confidence!
Love Sammie