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Sportswear and the different seasons

As a true FITT girl, I know better than anyone how important sportswear is. And especially during the autumn and winter seasons. ''The weather may change'' but I keep on exercising. Luckily, I didn't have to worry myself, because there is a plethora of stylish sportswear options at FITTwear that keep us warm and fashionable while we keep doing our workouts. In this blog, I like to share some tips and suggestions for sportswear in autumn and winter.

Whether you are a seasoned FITT girl or just starting your sporting journey, this blog will provide you with valuable tips and inspiration to get the most out of your autumn and winter workouts. Let's dive into the world of stylish sportswear together and discover how to dress to perform and shine in these challenging seasons.


Temperatures can fluctuate quite a bit in autumn, which makes choosing the right sportswear an interesting challenge. One of my favourite tricks is to wear layers. Start with a comfortable base layer such as a moisture-wicking shirt that wicks away sweat while you're moving. Over that, add a lightweight, breathable hoodie or vest to stay warm during those chilly morning workouts.

Also, don't forget a pair of leggings with a good fit and enough stretch to maintain your freedom of movement. The beauty of sports leggings is that they are now available in a variety of trendy colours and patterns, allowing you to show off your style while working on your fitness. Another advantage of FITTwear's sports leggings is that they are ''Sweatproof''!

Autumn is the season when I express my sporting passion with confidence. I embrace the change in weather and the opportunities it provides to showcase my style. I stay active regardless of the cold wind or the occasional rain shower. So ladies, let your sporty soul shine in autumn. Wear the right sportswear, embrace the seasonal change and stay determined to achieve your sporting goals. That's what it means to be a FITTgirl, and autumn is our stage to shine.






When winter arrives, we need to take our sportswear approach to the next level to protect ourselves from the bitter cold . My absolute must-have for winter is high-quality leggings. These retain your body heat and wick away moisture, keeping you warm and dry even during the most intense training sessions.

A warm hat is also essential to protect your head from frostbite and cold. So, don't forget to bring your favourite hat when you go to the gym, especially during those cold seasons. It can really make a difference in your performance and comfort. ''Stay warm'' and ''keep crushing those workouts!"

Finally, my feet deserve the best care, especially in winter. Here, I opt for insulated and waterproof sports shoes that are not only functional but also stylish. With good grip on slippery surfaces, I feel completely confident to continue my outdoor workouts, no matter the winter weather.

As a winter FITTgirl, I am determined to keep my passion for sports alive. The cold and weather will not stop me. With the right sportswear, I not only feel warm and comfortable, but I can also express my sporty style even in the most challenging conditions. So ladies, let's embrace winter as an opportunity to show our strength, determination and style.

My favourites during these seasons

Now that we have talked about the importance of stylish sportswear for autumn and winter, I want to share some of my personal favourites that help me stay comfortable and motivated even when the temperatures drop.

Leggings: One of my essential items during the winter months are leggings. These ensure that my legs stay warm even on the coldest days. They are often made of insulating materials and have a soft lining on the inside, which is perfect for outdoor activities.

Hoodie: A good padded hoodie is a must-have for autumn. It is warm and cosy, and I like to wear it as an extra layer over my sports shirt. It keeps me wonderfully warm and comfortable during my ''Morning runs''!

Hat: To keep my head and ears warm, I opt for a thick knitted hat. This accessory not only adds warmth, but also adds a touch of style to my winter sports outfit.

Whatever your favourites, make sure you invest in quality sportswear that will keep you warm, comfortable and motivated to achieve your sporting goals, whatever the season. Stay stylish, keep moving and enjoy every sporting challenge autumn and winter have to offer. ''Stay strong girl''.


Sam 🩵